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Bible College

            Accredited by SouthWestern International University (

         Whether you are already a minister or called to ministry, or you just want to understand the Word of God and develop an intimate relationship with Him, MPMBC is an excellent choice of a School.  In addition to teaching you the sound Biblical doctrine, MPMBC especially focuses on teaching you how to become a carrier of  God’s glory and so become an atmosphere changer. You will learn how to open portals to the glory realm through heavenly frequencies.

Also, in this school, you will learn how to hear from God, become an overcoming and victorious Christian, develop the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and build the Temple of God within you. We focus on teaching how to climb the glory ladder because a believer who lives at a higher glory level can do more for God in a short time than one who operates from lower glory levels.

At MPMBC occupying different sectors of society is taught to be as important as occupying the religious sector in order to transform our world and establish God’s Kingdom on the earth. MPMBC teachings encourage the student to discover and walk in his/her own unique mantle and calling.

The full-time curriculum is to be completed in about 2 years. Each year consists of 4 quarters. If you wish to be a part-time student, please inform the administration, in which case the same program can be extended for you.

At the completion of the program (end of a 2-year program), the student is offered to be ordained and licensed as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ—for a tuition fee of $250 per quarter.

Or, at the completion of the same program, you may receive a Bachelor of Arts degree— for a tuition fee of $500 per quarter.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree, you can continue your education at MPMBC to receive a Master’s 0r a doctorate degree in Theology/Divinity.

(Spiritual Exercises, Assignments, and the assigned reading and listening materials are subject to change.)

(Each quarter consists of 12 weeks.)

Although the program is mainly by self-study, phone and/or Zoom meetings are held each quarter as deemed necessary to provide support to the students.

There is a one-week break after the completion of each quarter, during which the tuition fee for the next quarter must be paid. The following are the subject matters covered in MPMBC Courses:

Biblical Exegesis


Lessons From Beyond the Grave

Christian Authority

The Realm of Darkness

Attaining the Anointing & Spiritual Gifts

Quantum Physics, the Science of the Spiritual Realm

Climb the Glory Ladder

The Mystery of the Bride 



 To receive the Application form or for more questions, email us at, or call us at 310.295.0284.

 Dig deep into Scripture and study the powerful themes and messages in God’s Word through MPMBC. We are committed to Training Champions for Christ.

Mega Praise Ministries Bible College

— is 100% Self-Study

— gives you the discernment for sound doctrine

— is non-denominational

— If you so desire, at the completion of the school, we will license you and ordain you as a minister in the sector of society God wants you to impact and transform. 


—Fill out an application

— Submit your personal profile

— purchase books and materials.

You will be approved and enrolled in the school upon evaluation.

Financial Aid

The financial aid available at this time is to allow the student to pay the tuition fee in installments. The ministerial license or the degree will be granted once the payments toward the tuition fee are completed.

Refund Policy

Any paid tuition fee is refundable for 30 days.