Mission Statement

Mega Praise Ministries’ Mission is to preach and reach souls for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people from all walks of life, regardless of their ethnicity, social status, or gender (Gal. 3:27-28).

Our mission is to help lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by creating a dynamic environment for authentic worship, teaching and imparting the Word of God, and the Righteousness of God in Christ while developing genuine community with each other.

Mega Praise Ministries’ purpose is to magnify the name and exemplify the ministry of Jesus Christ by effectively communicating the Gospel message to the lost, equipping the believer through the Word of God, and providing the tools necessary for personal spiritual growth and to realize abundant and victorious living.

This development for the believer will come through:

  • Preaching and teaching that is anointed, biblically relevant, and practical to everyday life.
  • Creating and maintaining “Worship and Praise” demonstrated in a corporate or personal expression that prepares a habitation for the presence of God by making Jesus Christ the center of our worship experience.


We believe God is Love. And we believe that God is Holy and judges sin. We believe that Jesus is returning for a church without spot or wrinkle that is ready to meet the Lord (Eph. 5: 25-28)”.

We believe in making disciples who want to serve rather than to be served (Mat. 28:19, Luke 22: 26-27). Our goal is to encourage and inspire them to seek God’s unique purpose for their lives.

We believe that the Bible is the inspired and infallible (unalterable) Word of God, written by holy men of old, as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

We believe in ONE God who is infinite in power, holy in nature, as well as omniscient and omnipresent. We believe that He was revealed to us as Father in creation, as Son in redemption, and as the Holy Spirit in His comforting grace that never leaves those that trust in Him.

We believe in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe that He ascended on high and has sent His Spirit (the Holy Spirit) which was poured out in Jerusalem over 2,000 years ago, and it is this same Spirit that is filling the hearts of those who diligently seek Him today.

We believe that those who by faith alone and through no merit of their own, receive the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior are miraculously born of the Holy Spirit and become, a child of God, partakers of His divine nature and of eternal life.

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