Revealed: The Mystery of His Glory-by Dr. Sheva Johnson, Paperback

This book is a perfect marriage of science with the supernatural that culminates in the demystification and comprehension of miraculous events in an easy read format. It should easily pique the interest and fascination of those who desire to learn more about the genesis of miracles, for the layperson and the scientific-minded alike! You will learn how to open the heavenly portals through certain frequencies and receive your miracle.

This is a fascinating book that delves into the mysteries of the supernatural and gives a thorough scientific explanation as to how miracles occur. You will understand through these revelations how to receive miracles not only for yourself but for others as well. This will save you the pain of becoming bitter and blaming God as a result of not receiving your miracle. The spirit realm operates by its own set of regulations and is not without law. Even though miracles may not be explainable by natural laws, they’re not haphazard and certain laws need to be met for them to occur. God is no respecter of persons. You do not receive miracles or answers to your prayers because God loves you more than others. Those who have received miracles have knowingly or unknowingly satisfied the laws of quantum effectuating the miracles. Quantum Physics is, in essence, the science of the spirit realm and clearly explains the miracle phenomenon!



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