Disclaimer: This information has not been approved by FDA.

Many people with Covid call our ministry seeking for help. Thus, we are sharing this information with you. A naturopathic doctor who attends our ministry has been helping a lot of people getting over Covid using “Aquamira Chlorine Dioxide” (available on for $15). Chlorine Dioxide acts similar to Hydroxychloroquine but since it is not marketed as medicine, it is much less expensive.

This is the protocol used:

Pour 1 liter of filtered water in a jar that can be closed tightly with a cap.
In a cup, combine 30 drops of Part A with 30 drops of Part B. Wait about 50 seconds until the color turns light yellow. Then quickly add this to the jar of water and close the cap. Take a 3.5-ounce shot every hour (each time shake the bottle first). Close the cap quickly or Chlorine Dioxide may evaporate away. Most people get over Covid in just a few days using this protocol. We do not give medical advise, but we are simply sharing a testimony.

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